Slovenian companies looking to strengthen ties with Russia

Slovenian companies looking to strengthen ties with Russia


Review Hari Stefanatos

A business delegation from Slovenia is starting a two-day visit to the Russian city of Yaroslavl on Monday, in an effort to strengthen  ties with Russia and forge prospective partnerships in the city, which serves as the administrative unit of the European part of Russia.

The visit, which is organised by SPIRIT agency that is responsible for the promotion of slovenian entrepreneurship, investment and tourism, is expected to be attended by representatives of hundreds of russian businesses, in addition to the at least 30 officials from 23 slovenian companies. The visit will also include an investment and business forum.

The delegation from Slovenia is made up of representatives from manufacturing companies, construction companies, IT, legal consultancy and tourism industries.

During the visit an action plan will be decided with the aim to upgrade the memorandum of cooperation with the Yaroslav region, which was signed in December 2013, by the ministry of economic development and technology.

The biggest potential for cooperation is seen in the fields of public infrastructure, telecommunications, ICT, metal and automotive industries, pharma and medical equipment, food industries and tourism, while Slovenian business officials also see opportunities in the wood processing industries, given that both Slovenia and the Yaroslavl region are rich in forests.

Despite being one of Russia’s smaller regions, Yaroslavl has a healthy industry, especially in wood-processing, rubber and automotive sectors and agriculture.

(Source Sloveniatimes)