Slovenia changes tourism marketing strategy

Slovenia changes tourism marketing strategy


Review Hari Stefanatos

The slovenian government aims to create higher value tourist products by changing its marketing strategy and adopting a first person story telling marketing campaign for 2014-2015. This is an attempt to replace the traditional one-way communication, which consists of uninspiring slogans and promotional texts.

The new approach will strengthen the tourism brand and enable more efficient marketing, according to the SPIRIT agency responsible for the promotion of entrepreneurship, investment and tourism.

The project has been named “Stories in Slovenian Tourism” and is based on the officials belief that Slovenia is rich with stories about tourism that have marketing potential. By using storytelling, SPIRIT has found an efficient way to promote tourist destinations, products, sights and providers.

According to SPIRIT, the main factor in tourism is offering a unique experience irrespective of the price-quality ratio.

The main story about Slovenia, supports, explains and expands the existing “I feel sLOVEnia” trademark and presents Slovenia as a green, active and healthy destination.

SPIRIT has planned a number of related workshops throughout 2014.

(Source sloveniatimes)