Slovenia to seek EU aid in battling the snowstorm’s aftermath

Slovenia to seek EU aid in battling the snowstorm’s aftermath


Review Hari Stefanatos

Slovenian Prime Minister, Alenka Bratušek, announced on Sunday that Slovenia will seek the EU’s aid to provide relief to those who need it after the snowstorms that have plugged the country in recent days. After inspecting the devastation, Bratušek described it as a large scale disaster. About 88,000 households have been experiencing power outages in the whole country, with the icy grip tightening.

The much needed power generators required to restore electricity to the increasing number of communities affected by the broken power lines across the country are in short supply, forcing the government to address the EU for help on the matter, according to the Slovenian PM’s statements during the inspection of Postojna, one of the areas most affected by the bad weather.

The power distributor’s staff are fighting against time working all day in an attempt to repair the lines that have collapsed under the weight of ice and snow or have been toppled by falling trees.

Some households in Postojna and Pivka, two of the most affected areas have been without electricity since Friday, with the armed forces trying to supply them with power generators.

(Source sloveniatimes)