Slovenia: Police comes under fire for the case of a minor who refused to wear a mask

Slovenia: Police comes under fire for the case of a minor who refused to wear a mask

Social networks and media in Slovenia angrily report about the case of the minor was has allegedly mistreated by the police in the small city of Vransko.

According to posts on social networks and media, she was removed from the bus for refusing to wear a protective mask. The General Police Administration explained that the police officers had to use force due to the passenger’s rude behaviour.

As STA reports, the young passenger boarded the bus in Ljubljana on Tuesday but did not heed the bus driver’s warning that she should put on a face mask. The minor then allegedly behaved rudely towards the driver and the other passengers during the ride. The driver, therefore, informed his boss, who called the police.

The minor was first detained by the police because she refused to wear a protective mask on the bus. The police officers asked her to show her identification, but she did not want to cooperate.

They informed her that they would escort her to the police station, by force if need be, to complete the identification procedure. They ordered the girl to leave the bus, which she refused to do. The officers then used force, took her off the bus and handcuffed her despite her resistance.

The passenger’s mother arrived at the scene shortly after and helped the police confirm her identity. The police officers then quickly completed the procedure, the General Police Administration explained.

The minor, who will actually turn 18 tomorrow, admitted that she never wears a protective mask. She also posted a short clip of the event on her Facebook profile and commented that she will not wear a mask anywhere and that she is a student who has been “fighting for the right to breathe freely from the very beginning”.

“Decrees, rules and recommendations are not the LAW! They have no right to punish or fine you”, she added.

The circumstances of the police officers’ behaviour during the procedure have not yet been fully verified, but this will be done by the commission of the General Police Administration in accordance with the law on police tasks and powers, the police explained./ibna