Slovenia: Planica ski flights end on Sunday

Slovenia: Planica ski flights end on Sunday

This year’s FIS Ski Jumping World Cup season is near its end with the annual ski-flying finale in Planica, the Alpine valley in northwestern Slovenia,  kicking off with the qualifier, on Thursday and coming to an end on Sunday, March 25th.

As the STA reports, “The Planica ski flights are very popular among fans, especially when Slovenian jumpers are among the favourites. Unfortunately, they have not been in top form this season.”

Until now, it is believed that the big winner will be Polish Kamil Stoch, most probably “the overall World Cup winner, having accumulated sufficient advantage ahead of German Richard Freitag and Norwegian Daniel Andre Tande in Norway’s Vikersund last weekend.”

For Slovenia, the best ski-flying athlete (“ahead of Planica”, as STA notes) is Domen Prevc, who is in the fourth place…. / IBNA

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