Slovenia: Pahor and Radev spoke on the phone

Slovenia: Pahor and Radev spoke on the phone

The President of the Republic of Slovenia, Borut Pahor, spoke on Thursday by phone with the President of Bulgaria, Rumen Radev. President Radev called on him to sincerely thank President Pahor for his video message of solidarity during the fight against the coronavirus epidemic. The Bulgarian media and the public, who especially appreciated that it was delivered in Bulgarian, extremely warmly received the message.

The two presidents expressed satisfaction that the situation in Slovenia, Bulgaria and other countries enables a gradual and careful return to normal life, and the main challenge is resolving the economic and social crisis after the health crisis. The unity and efficiency of the European Union will also be of great importance in these efforts. They agreed that we need the European Union more than ever and that we need to make efforts to find solutions at the European level.

Office of Bulgarian president Radev announced that the measures adopted in Bulgaria and Slovenia more quickly to tackle the social and economic consequences caused by the coronavirus were discussed in a telephone conversation.

“The two Presidents shared the stance that the situation in Europe requires a much more active communication within the EU and a timely support for precluding restrictions of key supplies of food, medicine and medicaments.  The Bulgarian Head of State thanked his Slovenian counterpart for the sent video address, which was a sign of the Slovenians’ solidarity with the Bulgarian people,” reads the statement.

Rumen Radev and Borut Pahor emphasized that overcoming the initial psychological shock from the spread of the coronavirus in Europe puts on the agenda the issue of the real support for the economy and curbing the increasing unemployment rate. “Tourism is a key sector in Slovenian economy and the country is preparing bilateral agreements on lifting the imposition of quarantine for the tourists from neighbouring countries which report a decrease of the morbidity rate,” Borut Pahor said.

Bulgaria can use this experience to revive tourism, which contributes an essential part of the Bulgarian GDP, Rumen Radev said on his part.

The measures adopted not to allow the interruption of the education process were also discussed during the conversation. Borut Pahor highlighted Slovenia’s preparation for opening the schools in the near future and resuming the normal classroom activities in the country./ibna