Slovenia: Dramatic increase in number of coronavirus cases

Slovenia: Dramatic increase in number of coronavirus cases

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Slovenia had surged to 141 by 2pm local time on Friday, up by 45 since Thursday night, as the head of the National Institute of Public Health Nina Pirnat announced.

“The epidemiological situation in Slovenia has entered a second stage, which means that we are limiting social contacts to the biggest possible extend with every measure we are adopting, in order to prevent in the best possible way the spread of the virus”, Pirnat stressed during a news conference streamed live on the state news agency website.

Pirnat said that the first results indicate that most of the newly confirmed cases are reported in the capital Ljubljana.

On Thursday evening, Slovenia declared the coronavirus outbreak in the country an epidemic upon recommendation by the National Institute of Public Health, placing the country’s Civil Protection Service in charge of coordinating the measures to combat the spread of the virus.

In addition, hospitals have started accepting only patients with clinical symptoms requiring hospital treatment, while patients with mild clinical symptoms will have to stay at home.

Slovenia has already implemented certain measures to curb the spread of the infection, such as work from home, the closing of schools, restrictions on border crossings with Italy, as well as restrictions on public gatherings. /ibna