Slovenia celebrates the All Saints’ Day

Slovenia celebrates the All Saints’ Day


Review by Christos T. Panagopoulos –

All Saints’ Day, a bank holiday, will be observed in Slovenia on Friday, as people visit graves and pay respect to the departed. State officials will lay wreaths at sites in and outside the country.

The country’s top officials led by President Borut Pahor will traditionally come together at Ljubljana’s Žale cemetery to honour those who died defending the country during the 1991 independence war as well as during WWI and WWII.

State delegations have already visited in recent days sites around the country, those dedicated to the memory of killed WWII Partisan fighters, for instance near Žužemberg, as well as those related to post-WWII communist reprisal killings, notably at the Huda jama shafts.

Mass was also held at the Sveta Gora basilica in honour of killed Partisans and other victims of WWII on Thursday, with outgoing WWII Veterans’ Association president Janez Stanovnik head commenting that Partisans’ opposition to religion was a myth created by the White Guard and Home Guard militias, which fought the communists.

Officials have or will also lay wreaths at sites in neighbouring countries, such as Italy’s village of Basovizza and WWII Italian concentration camp sites in Gonars and Croatia as well as Sarvar in Hungary. A delegation moreover attended the central ceremony at Globasnitz in Austria’s Carinthia.

On All Saints’ Day, ordinary people traditionally visit the graves of their loved ones and masses are held across the country to observe the holiday.

Source: Slovenia Times