Slovenia: Bank of Slovenia vice-governor resigns

Slovenia: Bank of Slovenia vice-governor resigns

Due to new circumstances, Marko Bošnjak is leaving the position of Vice Governor of the Bank of Slovenia (BS). He already sent a letter of resignation to the National Assembly on Tuesday and has informed the Council of the Bank of Slovenia of his decision.

The resignation followed last year’s conclusion of the Anti-Corruption Commission that Bošnjak acted contrary to the expected integrity because he did not pay taxes when renting an apartment in Ljubljana.

Bošnjak himself announced the news of the resignation, and then it was confirmed by the Bank of Slovenia.

“Vice Governor Marko Bošnjak informed the Board of Directors of the Bank of Slovenia that he had submitted a request to the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia for early dismissal from the position of a member of the Bank of Slovenia’s Council. Accordingly, we proposed to the President of the Republic of Slovenia to start the process of appointing of a new member of the Management Board of the Bank of Slovenia”, reads the announcement of the Bank of Slovenia.

Last year, the BoS asked the Commission for the Prevention of Corruption to investigate the behaviour of vice-governor Bošnjak, after finding himself under an avalanche of accusations for not paying taxes on the apartment he rented in Ljubljana. The commission determined that Bošnjak himself should have submitted documents and explanations to the Bank of Slovenia that could refute the allegations of the alleged non-payment of income tax from renting an apartment, but he did not do so and thus violated his integrity.

In December last year, the Bank of Slovenia emphasized that the integrity and independence of employees, and especially Council members, are essential for their independent work. They reminded that they turned to the CCP because they could not fully verify and deny the allegations against the Vice Governor, which are not related to the tasks and operations of the Bank of Slovenia./ibna