Slovak official advises Serbia not to sell its resources

Slovak official advises Serbia not to sell its resources

Slovakia stands firmly by the side of Serbia and it will not change its position considering the unilaterally declared independence of Kosovo, said Andrej Danko,  Speaker of the National Council of the Slovak Republic.

Slovakia supports the Serbian path towards the European Union, Danko said in Belgrade today, after meeting Maja Gojkovic, head of the Serbian parliament. According to the Slovakian official, Western Balkans countries should be the next to join the EU.

Danko also spoke of the Slovakian “mistakes” during accession negotiations of his country with the EU. The Slovak Republic became an EU member state in 2004.

“We can give you plenty of details with regards to mistakes we have made during the accession (process)… First of all, I would underline that Serbia should protect its natural resources, minerals, water; it should not give up from its key companies and it should not sell them“, Danko, who is the head of the nationalist Slovak National Party, emphasised.

At the same time, Danko admitted that EU is “currently” the only alternative for the Western Balkan countries, “although the life in EU is not easy”.

Maja Gojkovic thanked Danko for “respecting the territorial integrity of Serbia and for not recognizing the independence of Kosovo”. “Serbia and Slovakia share sincere friendship and maintain excellent relations”, she went on.

“Our two countries have excellent political and economic relations as well as (an) open and permanent dialogue between high officials”, Gojkovic said.

The Serbian parliament will introduce its new Rules of procedure and Ethical code for the members of parliament following the model of the Slovakian parliament, Gojkovic said, after meeting with her counterpart from Bratislava.

She also said that Danko has “expressed his gratitude” because of the rights which the Slovak national minority enjoys in Serbia. The Serbian minority in Slovakia and the Slovak minority in Serbia “give additional impulse to good co-operation”, Gojkovic concluded…. / IBNA