Skourletis: Possibility for energy cooperation with Austria, Iran

Skourletis: Possibility for energy cooperation with Austria, Iran

Athens, October 14, 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

The development potential of Greece’s energy cooperation with Austria and Iran discussed the Minister of Environment and Energy, Panos Skourletis with the Ambassador of Austria Andrea Ikić-Böhm and the Iranian Ambassador Behnam Behrouz, with whom he met Tuesday.

Andrea Ikić-Böhm expressed Austria’s interest for cooperation, especially in Renewable Energy Sources (RES), where as a country has a top performance globally, while. Skourletis referred to the energy priorities of Greece and the important steps that have been taken for the production of electricity from RES.

He also stressed that in this context it is possible to strengthen cooperation between the two countries, to ensure energy security and stability, also for the good of their citizens.

In the meeting with the Ambassador of Iran, the Greek minister pointed out that the scope of cooperation between the two countries, particularly in the energy sector, are numerous, and that the lifting of sanctions against Iran will allow the two countries to move quickly to strengthen their cooperation, with concrete steps.

Behnam Behrouz congratulated the minister for taking office and also referred to the great possibilities for cooperation, but also to the traditional good relations between Iran and Greece, which form a solid basis for future cooperation.