Skourletis: The ‘haircut’ of the biggest part of the debt is necessary

Skourletis: The ‘haircut’ of the biggest part of the debt is necessary


By Spiros Sideris – Athens

“There is the need for the “haircut” of the majority of the public debt”, said the spokesperson of the main opposition, Panos Skourletis, confirming the position of SYRIZA in the wake of conflicting statements of Koumoundourou’s executives in recent days.

Speaking this morning on “SKAI” television, Skourletis stressed that there are “no two lines in SYRIZA”. From the first time we have been saying that the debt is unsustainable and there is a need for a ‘haircut'”, Skourletis pointed out, reiterating the position of Koumoundourou for a congress to settle the debt, in accordance with the model of the congress that took place for postwar Germany in 1953, with a developmental clause.

SYRIZA’s spokesperson added that a special committee is currently being established, chaired by former MEP Nikos Chountis, which will study the issue of debt and all the issues of the negotiations with the troika.

In regard to the turmoil that was caused in the government camp on Tuesday, due to the presence of Lazaridis Chrysanthou in the first contacts with the troika, Skourletis spoke of a “tragic picture”, where government officials “elbow each other as to who will take part in the negotiations”. “But can they negotiate on the debt?”, he wondered.

Finally, he did not rule out the possibility of a cooperation with DIMAR after the Congress of St. Constantine, stressing however that everything should happen on the basis of a “programmatic understanding and convergence”.