Skopje, Serb ambassador expresses her gratitude for the people of FYROM

Skopje, Serb ambassador expresses her gratitude for the people of FYROM

Skopje, June 13, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Naser Pajaziti

Through its ambassador to Skopje, Serbia has publicly and officially thanked all the citizens of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia for the aid offered to the Serb people during last month’s floods.

Serb ambassador to Skopje, Dusanka Divjak-Tomic hosted a reception for the authorities and citizens of the country, who came to aid with their different contributions to the people of Serbia, in order to mitigate the damages and ease their suffering from the floods caused by the heavy rain.

Serb ambassador said that the aids gathered for the Serb people amounted to half a million Euros and that these aid continue.

“We respect the humanism that you showed for all those we were affected by the floods in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Our obligation is to never forget your human and noble mission”, declared ambassador Dusanka Divjak-Tomic.

The Serb ambassador also thanked representatives of the government, “Tigers” police special unit, Red Cross and other institutions, private companies and individuals, but the media too.

Sait Saiti, general secretary of Red Cross in Macedonia, declared that their engagement has been great and that massive aids were collected for the floods in Serbia and Bosnia.

“Until the end of last month, 45 lorries filled with humanitarian aid weighing 900 tons were dispatched. Besides this, financial aid was also significant, while humanitarian operations continue”, declared Saiti. /ibna/