Skopje, former minister of Justice declared a spy

Skopje, former minister of Justice declared a spy

Skopje, December 19, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Naser Pajaziti

Former minister of Justice in FYROM and university professor, Georgi Spasov, as been announced as a former collaborator of secret services.

Committee for the verification of facts has published today the decision to announce Spasov a former collaborator of the Secret Services, after scrutinizing his file.

Some of the published files say that during the Yugoslav system, Spasov had signaled secret services in relation to several citizens of the country who had liberal and anarchist views.

Authorities have also published the file of the former head of Intelligence Directorate in Manastir, Ice Damcevski, who had ordered the prosecution of several citizens. A few years ago, Spasov was the general secretary of Macedonian Social Democratic Union (LSDM), today in opposition, while three years ago, he was the ambassador of the country to Bulgaria.

Spasov rejects the claims of the lustration committee

The former minister of Justice, Georgi Spasov has reacted today following news that the lustration committee has declared him a former collaborator of secret services.

“This cannot be concluded with the alleged testimonies of the committee. It’s been a while that this committee has turned into a body for political persecutions of all of those who think differently from the current government. I shall complain to the administrative court for this decision. If I don’t receive a positive response, I shall seek justice in Strasbourg”, declared the former minister and former ambassador to Sofia, Georgi Spasov. He has rejected all allegations that he has collaborated with the former secret services during the former Yugoslavian regime. /ibna/