Six women mayors elected in FYROM

Six women mayors elected in FYROM

Six out of 80 communes in FYROM will be chaired by women, following the recent local government elections that the country held.

The first round of elections on 15 October saw the victory of two women candidates, Natasa Petrovska in Manastir and Milikije Halimi in Haracina.

Meanwhile, another four women candidates won in Sunday’s second round of voting.

Teuta Arifi was reelected in Tetovo, Sonja Stamenkova was elected in Makedonska Kamenica, Zaklina Jovanovska won in Staro Nagoricane and Jasmina Gulevska won in Mogila.

Women associations said that this is the lowest representation of women ever. They have demanded for political parties to be more open in order to enable women to run for local government elections. /