‘Silent tension’ between Serbs and Bosniaks in BiH

‘Silent tension’ between Serbs and Bosniaks in BiH


By Mladen Dragojlovic – Banja Luka

Since, more than month ago, members of Republic of Srpska Association of detainees constructed a cross on mount Trebevic over Sarajevo, relations between Serbs and Bosniaks in BiH are under “silent tension”, which are visible in several non violent incidents.

These tension was less obvious during elections but, right after they passed, new incidents occurred. Newest in the row is the “graffiti war” between fans of soccer clubs “Slavija” from city of East Sarajevo, in Republic of Srpska, and “Zeljeznicar” from city of Sarajevo, in Federation of BiH. “Slavija” fans were unpleasantly surprised on Monday morning when they saw their graffiti on the local stadion destroyed with black messages “Islam”, “Death for Serbs”, “All of you are Turks” and the name of “Zeljeznicar” fans “Maniacs”.

“‘Slavija’ management called police and investigation is undergoing”, confirmed to media East Sarajevo police spokesperson, Danka Tesic.

She said that police has conducted an investigation and search for the perpetrators. Club general manager, Slavko Savija condemned the destruction of the graffiti and expects that the police will solve this case.

Destruction of the graffiti with so brutal messages was also condemned by the management of “Zeljeznicar” in a statement. They denied any link with the perpetrators and said that the messages could have been written by the fan of any club.

At the same time, Bosniaks in Srebrenica raised their voice against the cross, which has been by Serbs in the village Borovac. As they said, it is close to the mass graves of the Srebrenica genocide. They consider this as brutal provocation, since in Borovac lives only one Serb. They also emphasised that the other villages in the region are inhabited by Bosniaks and that it is not a place for a cross. President of the Association of “Srebrenica mothers”, Hatidza Mehmedovic, said to the media that returnees and Bosniaks who survived the genocide have nothing against religious signs, but this cross she considers as “pure politic”.

The fact is that the cross over Sarajevo, after several attempts for its destruction, still stays on Trebevic and now nobody is trying to remove it and new incidents are making the situation in BiH more tense.