Significant growth of Albanian products to the US

Significant growth of Albanian products to the US

Tirana, 19 February 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

United States of America are not in the list of the main countries as far as commercial exchanges with Albania are concerned, however, they play an important role in exports and imports.

INSTAT says that exports of Albanian goods toward USA went up by 46,5% during 2015. From 1,5 billion ALL, they went up to 2,2 billion ALL.

Toward the USA, Albania exports food, beverages, tobacco, minerals, fuels, chemicals, textiles, construction materials, etc. This positive performance has not been the same for products that Albanians receive from the USA. Compared to 2014, in 2015 imports registered a drop of 35.6%. While imports in 2014 were 13,3 billion ALL, last year they were around 8,6 billion ALL, 4,7 billion ALL less.

According to INSTAT, in total, trade between Albania and USA occupies 1,8% of the total trade with other countries. /ibna/