'Siberian' blast in Bulgaria and Romania

'Siberian' blast in Bulgaria and Romania
Bulgarian authorities have  issued a 'Code Orange' warning for Thursday, March 22 "for 18 districts as wintry weather lingers into spring", as The Sofia Globe reports, with the district of Sofia, the city of Sofia, and Varna being among the districts that are enveloped in this deep frost.


But, Romania too is facing ongoing freezing temperatures, extreme cold nights and mornings across the whole country and there has been "a new alert for frost, snowfall and glaze" that was issued on Tuesday and will be valid  through Thursday morning", the Romania Journal reads.


"The cold weather will remain in force all through the week, with a higher probability for snowfalls in the south, southeast and in the mountains on Thursday and Friday.".... / IBNA

Photo (Library): Bucharest, Romania, 2012

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