Shots fired at Montenegrin soldiers

Shots fired at Montenegrin soldiers

Podgorica, May 11, 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Adnan Prekic

Two unidentified men opened fire in the direction of the Army of Montenegro at the military firing range in Podgorica settlement Zlatica. The motive behind the attack is still unknown. In the shootout there were no injuries, and authorities question whether the motive was stealing weapons and ammunition that are stored for the army in the warehouse next to the shooting range. In addition to shooting ranges, there are several facilities where the weapons are stored, and the buildings are abandoned for several years and are ensured with members of the Montenegrin army.

On the incident at the military shooting range was notified the Public Prosecution Office in Podgorica and the preliminary examination is conducted by prosecutor Romina Vlahovic. “After implementing the actions we will decide whether the case will be assigned to the High Prosecutor’s Office”, it is said for the daily newspaper “Dan” in the office of the Chief State Prosecutor.

From the Montenegrin Ministry of Internal Affairs announced that the soldier who was on duty as a guard saw two men approaching the military facilities. At the invitation of soldiers to stop the approach to the forbidden site, the two men, as stated, have opened fire and then fled. The soldier immediately called the police and informed them of the incident. At the scene came the military police, who carried out the investigation, and then the officers of the Podgorica Security Centre.

Describing the incident, the soldier stated that from a distance of nearly two dozen meters he saw two men approaching the facilities in which they stored ammunition, after which he warned them to stop. The attackers opened fire and fled into the dense forest that surrounds the shooting range, so that he was unable to traces them. The soldier said that the attackers, according to his estimate, were in their thirties and that one wore white, while the other a red shirt.

Because the incident occurred in the evening and on the part of the shooting range which is covered with thick forest, the member of the Army of Montenegro failed to clearly see the faces of the suspects. He gave a statement in which he claimed that he wasn’t sure whether the attackers shot at him or in the air to scare him.

During the investigation, police couldn’t find the sleeves of shots, so it has not been established from which weapons was fired. Police and prosecutors who are working on identifying and finding the attackers, are trying to discover the motive for the suspects entry at the shooting range, which is a military asset.

“The case was reported to the Prosecutor’s Office and was handed over to the deputy of Basic State Prosecutor in Podgorica Romina Vlahovic, on whose orders was conducted the investigation. After the soldier who was attacked gave his statements, Vlahovic obtain further information about the event. With the details from the case she informed Higher Public Prosecution Office in Podgorica, in order to assess whether this is the case for them, or whether now unknown perpetrators committed the criminal offense of attempted murder”.

The investigation into this case is ongoing and so far several persons have responded to the notification relating to the incident.