Shaviv and Assad under Montenegrin Prosecutor’s Office financial investigation

Shaviv and Assad under Montenegrin Prosecutor’s Office financial investigation

Montenegro Special State Prosecutor’s Office has launched a financial investigation against the citizen of Israel and Great Britain, Aron Shaviv, former chief of Democratic Front (DF) election campaign, his collaborator, former CIA agent, Joseph Assad, and another eight persons accused of involvement in criminal activities and plotting terrorist attempt on the day of parliamentary elections in Montenegro in 2016.

As the media in Montenegro report, the information on the initiation of a financial investigation against Assad and others was published in the Special Prosecutor’s Office report outlining six-month results in 2019 regarding the number of initiated proceedings and financial investigations.

“Financial investigation against 10 persons was launched on 28 May 2019 over the establishment of the criminal organization and terrorism attempt”, reads the report.

Investigators have been investigating the coup attempt in Montenegro since 2016. After six months, the indictment against 14 persons was brought. The Prosecutor’s Office had collected evidence in July of 2018, and widened the investigation to include Assad and other persons. The Prosecutor’s Office revealed the matrix of the group’s activities, as well as how the pre-election DF campaign was financed. Investigators managed to get into the cash flows and discover the role of Aron Shaviv. Russian citizens through Shaviv’s company allegedly financed DF campaign.

Several-month long investigation showed that DF campaign for parliamentary elections was financed by LLP Company in the Czech Republic through DC LTD Company owned by Shaviv and registered in Cyprus.

“Collated evidence demonstrate that suspected A. S. has paid over €1,15 million during his engagement in the political campaign”, reads the report.

Prosecutors suspect Shaviv of paying for a political campaign in Montenegro and undertaking activities aimed at protecting members of the criminal organization.

Apart from Assad, Shaviv and their collaborators, Special State Prosecutor’s Office has launched financial investigations against 183 persons and 150 companies over illegally acquired property allegations./ibna