They shaved their heads in support of their classmate

They shaved their heads in support of their classmate


Review Hari Stefanatos

The students of the private school in Paralimni performed a touching act, as they shaved their heads in solidarity to their classmate, Antonis, who is suffering from cancer.

Specifically, after they got a permission from the school administration, students prepared a surprise event to Antonis Antoniou and his father Kostas.

Speaking at SigmaLive, Mr. Antoniou said that the staff of Makarios Hospital, where Antonis is hospitalized, gave permission for only a few hours to his child to attend the event prepared by the students.

Surprised, Mr. Antoniou and his son saw the students sitting in the school yard and shave their heads.

Antonis lost his hair because of chemotherapy he underwent recently, and according to his brother Giorgos, “in the beginning was ashamed”.

With this act, the School showed Antonis that he should not be ashamed, and that he has the support of all. Anthony’s sister, Elena Antoniou, openly moved, thanked all the students and parents who gave their approval.

As Mr. Antoniou said, Antonis is suffering from Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, which they discovered when the 13-year old’s grandmother, who is a hairdresser, decided to give him a haircut. “That’s when we spotted something suspicious”, he said.

Immediately, the Antonis’ family rushed to the doctor to learn more information. During their time in Makarios hospital they were informed of the disease that has “struck” Antonis and afterwards they traveled to Germany for treatment.

For two months now, Antonis has been hospitalized at Makarios Hospital, where he receives chemotherapy and in 10 days he will return to Germany for more tests. “My child has an 80% chance to make it”, said Antonis’ father.