A sexual video scandal sparks a debate on hospital services in Albania

A sexual video scandal sparks a debate on hospital services in Albania

IBNA Special Report/Two boys sexually harass a sick girl in the hospital emergency room. A funeral middleman is part of the outrageous act. The scenes are filmed and spread in social networks. The girl was a minor, she consumed alcohol, although the law forbids it. QSUT directorate denies any responsibility by saying that this has happened a while ago. Prosecution proves that it was recent

Tirana, January 5, 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

In Albania, a video published in social networks has sparked strong public reactions, by involving institutions and politics.

The video contained nude scenes and sexual harassment, therefore YouTube decided to remove it from the network.

The images show three young boys in the ER of Mother Theresa University Hospital Center (QSUT) in Tirana. They are standing near a minor girl who is unconscious.

While one of the boys is filming with a mobile phone, the two others undress her and touch the private parts of the unconscious girl. The video sparked reactions among the citizens who are demanding the punishment of the persons who were involved. They also want the state to take responsibility for this act.

The scandal becomes even bigger, because one of the participants in the sexual video scandal, was a middleman for a funeral agency.

For some, it’s unacceptable for funeral agency middlemen to stay in patients’ rooms.

What’s unacceptable is also the lack of medical personnel in the room, when the girl was unconscious. The inquest that was carried out by the prosecution proved that the two boys were acquainted with the girl, while the third was working in a funeral agency. All three of them have been arrested by police.

The girl declared that she could not remember what happened to her on that night of September 2014. She said that she didn’t know the funeral agency middleman, while the two young men had told her that they would take her home after they got out of a pub.

The 17 year old girl had consumed large amounts of alcohol in one of the pubs of Tirana, although the law forbids the sale of alcohol to people under the age of 18.

The girl ended up in hospital after consuming alcohol.

As far as this event is concerned, there have been two reactions from institutions. Minister of Health said that this was a “very serious” event. He said that all inquiries must be made in order to shed light upon the truth.

The head of QSUT said that the incident, happened in the health institution that she chairs, before she was appointed at this post.

Mrs. Ogerta Manastirlliu was appointed as head of QSUT on September 20, 2013. Inquiries proved that the video was filmed on September 2014. For some people, what aggravates the situation with the head of QSUT even more is not that this serious event happened in the institution that she leads, but the fact that she tried to manipulate the truth by saying that it has happened “a while ago”.

Fresh developments are expected in relation to this scandal.

But, many people raise doubts over the quality of hospital services and safety of patients.

Dr. Tritan Shehu, MP and former minister of Health, considered the images as “disgraceful and condemnable”. Mrs. Shehu appealed for prompt inquiries in order to identify the responsible parties.

Altin Goxhaj, head of the Association for Consumer Protection, considers the video scandal as “a free health service in exchange of physical payments”, says he.

Goxhaj says that such cases of abuses with patients may have occurred before, but there are no video footage to prove this. “The first question is: how many patients have been sexually abused with in the absence of cameras in Mother Teresa’s Hospital? The second question is: how much faith can you have that your relatives will not be abused with once they’re under the effect of “tranquillizers” or “in a deep sleep”?”

Head of the Consumer Protection says that responsibilities must be identified: “The head of the hospital comes out on TV and publicly lies when she says that the scandal has occurred during the last government, but the prosecution concluded that it has occurred during the period that she has been the head of this institution. Nevertheless, the resignation didn’t arrive”. /ibna/