Serbs head to the polls for the by-elections – 4 more parties join the battle for a spot in the National Assembly

Serbs head to the polls for the by-elections – 4 more parties join the battle for a spot in the National Assembly

Polling stations in Serbia reopened at 07:00 on July 1 for the by-elections in 234 constituencies, as decided by the Republic Electoral Commission (REC), due to irregularities observed in the constituencies. Today’s by-elections follow up the June 21 elections for local assemblies and for the national parliament, with polling stations to remain open until 20:00 (local time).

In these by-elections, a total of 202,924 voters have been registered to vote, with the real question remaining whether these voters will be able to turn around the results and the distribution of parliamentary seats.

According to the results so far, the Progressive Party headed by President Aleksandar Vucic is in the lead with 60.68% and 189 seats; the SPS-JS Socialist Party of Ivica Dacic follows with 10.35% and 32 seats, while the SPS comes third with 3.86% and 12 seats. These three parties are the only ones that managed to exceed the 3% threshold to enter Parliament.

In addition to the three parties, four minority parties are entering parliament: the SVM with 9 seats, Muamer Zukorlic’s party with 3 seats, the SDA Sandzak with 2 seats, and the Alternative Democratic Albania-United Valley with 3 seats.

However, the question remains whether the by-elections could give other parties the chance to make it to the Serbian National Assembly, with the POKS barely making the required 3%, as it garnered 2.63% of the votes in the elections. Of course, the DJB with 2.32%, the Broom Movement with 2.25% and the SRS with 2.02% also remain very close.

Theoretically, all of these parties could reach the threshold required to enter the National Assembly, as the number of voters currently eligible to vote renders it numerically possible.

According to estimates by former MP and professor at the School of Political Science Dušan Pavlović, the POKS needs about 11,691 votes, while the SRS needs 29,358 votes. As for the DJB, the number goes up to 21,468 votes, while the Broom Movement is lacking 23,698 votes. /ibna