Serbian Watergate or operation against Vucic

Serbian Watergate or operation against Vucic

Belgrade, September 30, 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Milos Mitrovic

Democratic Party (DS) leader confirmed the authenticity of the transcript of his phone conversation which was published on one Serbian website. Talking at a press conference today, Bojan Pajtic (photo) said that “somebody tapes” his phone conversations. He clearly blamed the government.

Interior Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic, who has also called a press conference, rebuffed his allegations and claimed instead that “an operation of overthrowing” Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic “is in progress”.

“I ask the institutions of state: who and on what grounds eavesdrops the president of the government of Vojvodina and the leader of the biggest opposition party”, Pajtic said in Novi Sad, Vojvodina’s capital.

Pajtic then specified this was the question for Vucic and announced he will take legal action.

“In normal state this would be Watergate scandal, but this will not happen in Serbia”, he added.

Earlier this week website published the transcript of phone conversation between Pajtic and LidijaUdovicki, sister of Vucic’s minister for telecommunications Kori Udovicki.

In conversation, Lidija Udovicki told Pajtic that the head of Serbian state-owned electric company Nikola Petrovic has demanded two million euros for a business arrangement with the firm, while Pajtic replied that US ambassador Michael D. Kirby has told him that Petrovic “drains two million euros for Vucic each month”.

Petrovic, who is Vucic’s godfather, denied such claims today; he said he was ready to go to polygraph.

American Embassy stated that ambassador Kirby did not claimed what was attributed to him.

Pajtic declined to comment his conversation with Udovicki explaining that “eavesdropping is essential”. “This was obviously about internal imputations within the government”.

When asked how he could have been certain that he was taped, rather than Ms Udovicki, Pajtic answered that “opposition leaders are those faced with this”.

Pajtic said he had never asked protection from Serbian secret service (BIA). “It would be like goats look after the cabbage”, he added.

Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic and BIA director Aleksandar Djordjevic denied that Ministry or agency had “anything to do” with publishing Pajtic’s conversation with Udovicki. They both denied that BIA has been eavesdropping Pajtic. Stefanovic added that the scandal was “obviously fabricated” and announced that an investigation will take place.

He elaborated that premier Vucic “is not interested in money, even in money as such” and alleged that “the action of overthrowing” Vucic was “in progress because he cannot be defeated by elections”.