Serbian President, PM on “eavesdropping”

Serbian President, PM on “eavesdropping”


By Milos Mitrovic – Belgrade

Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic said he is “being tapped” and stressed his dissatisfaction with the performance of “certain departments” in the Interior Ministry. “We are sitting here and maybe in front of this building there is a car we are being tapped from”, Nikolic said on Monday evening in the interview for B92 Television.

Nikolic said that he knows he “is subject of eavesdropping” and that media should run his statement. “Sometimes I say some things in conversations with some people in order to see whether they will appear in media. And they do”, Serbian President said emphasizing there was no leaking from his cabinet.

At the same time, Prime Minister Ivica Dacic, who is also Interior Minister, denied that Nikolic has been tapped and said President is not being tapped “by anyone from state system”. “I do not have information about this. What I can say is that nobody from state system, police and secret service certainly don’t tape Nikolic. He said he didn’t discussed the issue with Nikolic but announced he certainly would.

On Tuesday, Nikolic`s media adviser Stanislava Pak told Pink Television that “tapping President is the obvious lapse by some services”. With regard to PMs remark that he had no information on alleged eavesdropping Pak asked “who should know than” and warned that “it becomes serious problem”.

She said if eavesdropping is confirmed, stability of the country will be at stake. “I am convinced this (tapping President) is real and the problem should be seriously tackled by the services in order to protect President and Serbia as well”.

“We do not have reports on tapping by the services which are in charge for this, and this is truly big problem”, Stanislava Pak emphasized. She recalled that President also “had a problem with car tires and cameras which were not operating; therefore it seems that someone is doing this deliberately or that there is no control over some Interior Ministry departments”. She pointed that Interior Ministry should be reformed as well as depoliticized and freed from political parties influence”. More responsibility is needed in order “numerous scandals to be resolved”, Pak concluded.