Serbian opposition continues protests, boycott

Serbian opposition continues protests, boycott

The Serbian opposition would continue protests and parliament boycott until guarantees for “normalization” of the executive branch are given, media freedom improved and preconditions for fair elections are provided, said Bosko Obradovic (photo), president of conservative movement Dveri, and one of the coalition Alliance for Serbia leaders. “We do not want to take part in a reality shows”, Obradovic said at the press conference in the parliament on Wednesday. He added that the government should fulfill the promises given after European Commission criticized it in its latest report.

Obradovic singled out three “key words” of the opposition – “satisfaction”, “normalization” and “guarantees”. “Satisfaction came”, he said, “with the European Commissions’ reports which have confirmed everything that the opposition claimed”.

Media, parliament and election process should be normalized, he went on. Among the most important guarantees, according to Obradovic, would be the resignation of House Speaker Maja Gojkovic.

Gojkovic’s stepping down would enable the dialogue between government and opposition. “You certainly don’t think that some media-marketing trick of Vucic (President, Aleksandar) or Maja Gojkovic, some new theater piece or acting could guarantee any kind of changes”, he told reporters.

Obradovic accused Vucic of usurping the parliament. The protests are going to continue in Belgrade and other towns, he concluded.

Marinika Tepic, of the Party of Freedom and Justice MP, led by former Belgrade mayor Dragan Djilas, also said that Gojkovic’s resignation would be “the only measure opposition can accept”. He labeled Gojkovic as a “generator of political violence … against opposition’s members of parliament and everybody else who thinks differently”. She cannot represent “any kind of guarantee for improving the dialogue or anything that could be called democracy”, Tepic stressed./ibna