Serbian minister accuses US government for killings

Serbian minister accuses US government for killings

United States ambassador to Serbia Kyle R. Scott is “brutally interfering” in Serbia’s internal affairs, according to interior minister Nebojsa Stefanovic. Minister suggested that ambassador “knows what stimulates” protests over buildings demolitions in Belgrade.

In a rarely fierce comment, Stefanovic reacted to Scott’s interview to Kurir daily in which ambassador said that protesters were not confident to Serbian government.

“I cannot understand why American ambassador had to interfere that brutally into internal affairs of the Republic of Serbia”, Stefanovic told Tanjug news agency on Sunday. He added he was “especially concerned over number of murders in many US cities, particularly over killings of those people who were guilty just because the color of their skin”.

“It is obvious that the protests of these people in American cities are justified”, Stefanovic said adding that US government “cannot protect these people and is directly involved in their killings”. He gave “advice” ambassador to tackle this issue rather than “demolishing illegal objects in Belgrade”.

Demolishing in Belgrade was minor when compared to “daily killings in US”, Stefanovic concluded.

Belgrade City authorities were involved in April overnight demolishing, prime minister Aleksandar Vucic said earlier this year. However, legal steps have not been taken so far.

The demolishing occurred in Savamala, part of Belgrade which is to be transformed to luxurious complex through the investments by United Arab Emirates company. Scott told Kurir daily that protests over demolishing were about confidence to the government and its ability to protect common people.

“I believe that what moves protests is people’s feeling that they cannot address to institutions of this country and that one informal or criminal group can somehow take control over part of their city. And when they called the police for help, they did not get the answer”, Scott said./ΙΒΝΑ