Serbian government to call elections for March 16

Serbian government to call elections for March 16


By Milos Mitrovic – Belgrade

On Tuesday Serbian Government would propose President Tomislav Nikolic to dissolve the Parliament and to call the elections for March 16, Justice Minister Nikola Selakovic announced. Selakovic said that Wednesday is the deadline for calling the elections for March 16. Local elections in Belgrade are scheduled for the same day.

Last weekend Serbian Progressive Party leader Aleksandar Vucic (photo) said he would propose to the party Presidency the elections to be called; subsequently, the Presidency has adopted his suggestion unanimously.

Vucic, who is Deputy Prime Minister, has been reelected for SNS leader on Saturday. All the delegates (3.804) at the party congress have voted for Vucic.

Progressives were the pillar party in the ruling coalition created after 2012 elections; however, Prime Minister position has been left to Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS) leader Ivica Dacic, under coalition agreement.

Calling the early elections as well as the troublesome relations among the coalition partners have been at the table since the current government was formed. Most recently, some SNS officials have claimed that SPS was putting the obstacles for the reforms in Serbia. At the same time, they were stressing the need Vucic to become PM.

According to widely accepted view, Vucic is “the most powerful person” in Serbia. He has gained popularity owing to his anti-corruption campaign with Forbes list millionaire Miroslav Miskovic arresting at its focus.

According to the latest polls by “Ipsos Strategic Marketing”, 45 percent of citizens will vote for SNS; all the other parties will gain 38 percents.

In the interview for TV B92, when asked whether he would be the Prime Minister, Vucic has said that “it is up to citizens”. He added he did not believe to the polls which suggested SNS would score 45 percents at the elections.

“For SPS, this is also good moment for the elections”, Ivica Dacic, PM and Socialists leader, has said reacting to SNS decision. However, up to Vucic`s decision he has been reiterating he was for the reforms, rather than for the elections.

On Sunday, Dacic said his idea was not to obstruct the voting. “We should do our best in order reforms, as well as the accession negotiations with the EU and the dialogue with Pristina not to be jeopardized by the early elections”, Dacic emphasized.