Serbian extremist to run for president

Serbian extremist to run for president

Vojislav Seselj, Serbian Radical Party (SRS) leader, has announced he would run for president in 2017 elections. Seselj, far right politician who has spent almost 12 years in The Hague court custody over war crimes allegations, is confident in his victory – unless prime minister AleksandarVucic, his long-time party ally who turned pro-European in 2008 decides to run himself.

“The key question for me is whether Vucic would run or not. Objectively, if he runs it would be pretty neck to neck, but it would not be hopeless. He is still at the peak of popularity now, but we would see how it would look like in four or five months. On the other hand, if he nominates anyone else, I cannot see a real rival”, Seselj said in the interview for Kurir daily.

Last month incumbent president Tomislav Nikolic announced he would be eager to run for a new mandate. But Vucic declined to support any candidate so far. Seselj repeatedly announced his intention to “destroy” Nikolic in revenge for his split from him and “stealing” MPs in 2008.

Vucic insisted that he would not run for president.

Seselj said he would not negotiate with other opposition groups on common presidential candidate. “SRS is the biggest opposition party and we will not let the smallest one to initiate the process. If there is a readiness for supporting my nomination, it would be fine; but if someone wants to teach me on looking for a common nominee, there would be no talks”, Seselj said.

SRS leader had said he expected that new US president Donald Trump will visit Serbia if he wins the elections. In Seseljs words Trump “represents hope for the whole humanity, because he is opposed to estranged centers of power and globalist and conspiracy circles”.

At the same time Seselj called Hillary Clinton “a demon”./IBNA