Serbian chargé d’affaires in Greece detained

Serbian chargé d’affaires in Greece detained


By Milos Mitrovic – Belgrade

Branko Lazarevic, Serbian chargé d’affaires in Greece and former chief cabinet of Interior Minister Ivica Dacic has been detained on suspicion of cooperating with the gang of drug lord Darko Saric who is on the run. Serbian police charged Lazarevic for disclosure of official secrets and conspiracy to commit a criminal offense.

On Wednesday evening Lazarevic has said during the police hearing that Ivica Dacic, current Serbian PM, personally had acquainted him in 2008 with Rodoljub Radulovic, who has been charged as a member of the gang of drug lord Darko Saric, “Blic” web site revealed.

“Dacic presented Radulovic as a friend. He told me that Radulovic was his man of trust and that I should be at service to him in case he needs something. After that I met with Radulovic who asked me to check if the police were having any activities against Saric. Now I cannot remember whether he asked about Darko or Dusko (Saric). I checked what he had asked me, but I did not learn who actually was in question”, Lazarevic allegedly said at the police.

Expert in criminology, Zlatko Nikolic said that ‘it was Lazarevic’s duty to do the order of the minister whose cabinet’s chief he was.

“If Lazarevic said so, it means that Dacic, too should be questioned”, Nikolic told “Blic”.

Deputy PM and Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) leader Aleksandar Vucic said that “he cannot see that Lazarevic’s hearing may influence” the relations between SNS and Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS) lead by Dacic. In the current cabinet Vucic is in charge for anti-corruption fight.

“I’m not interested in relations between two parties in that regard. It’s about the state institutions which should do their job, and law should be equal for all”, Vucic said.

He recalled recent arrest of SNS Member of Parliament Dragan Tomic, charged for corruption.

“You can ask prosecutor on his position. I don’t think he is interested in political parties”.