Serbian “Ceca Nazionale” invited to play a movie role

Serbian “Ceca Nazionale” invited to play a movie role


By Miloš Mitrović – Belgrade

Folk singer Svetlana Ražnatović Ceca was invited to play the role in the second part of the “Impure Blood”, movie based on a 1910 novel of the same name by Bora Stanković, Serbian realistic writer. The most popular Serbian singer, “Ceca Nazionale” is the widow of Željko Ražnatović Arkan, the criminal and the commander of the former paramilitary formation “Tigrovi”, which was engaged in wars in Croatia and Bosnia in 1990`s.

In 1990 at the age of 17, Ceca had acted in the first part of the Stojan Stojčić`s movie, alongside with actors such as Hollywood star Rade Šerbedžija and Ljuba Tadić. However, she felt that her role was obscene and therefore asked for her scenes to be removed because of “low quality.”

On Friday Stojan Stojčić said that the producing will begin in October. “Ceca can play the role in the “Impure blood 2”, but I didn`t made contact with her. Anyway, the invitation to Ceca is opened and if she accept it, we would welcome her”, Stojčić explained.

“We will run the producing in autumn because the movie should start with the scenes of the October Revolution. The movie will not be the simple continuation of the “Impure blood” first part, since the plot starts in the end of the First World War and ends with the wedding of the King Alexander (of Yugoslavia) with Princess Mary in 1922. The Aleksandar`s role will play a football player which bears uncanny resemblance to tennis player Novak Đoković”, Stojčić said.

Svetlana Ražnatović is controversial figure. In March 2003 she was arrested due to illegal possession of firearms, which belonged to Arkan, her late husband, as she claimed. She spent three months in prison. In 2011, Ceca pleaded guilty both for embezzling millions of Euros from the transfers of players from the football club “Obilić”, which she inherited from Arkan and for the illegal possession of weapons.

Ceca sold of fifteen “Obilić” players to foreign clubs, such as Fenerbahçe. Prosecutors accused her of taking for personal use the share in the sale. She spent eight months under house arrest, avoiding the maximum sentence of 12 years in prison.

The music which Ceca perform could be defined as the mixture of the Serbian folk and both pop and dance elements. In Serbia as well as in the other Balkan countries where Ceca is very popular, such combination of the various styles and influences is known as turbo-folk.

On March 2004, Ceca and the criminal Kristijan Golubović, close associate of Arkan, gathered demonstrators in front of the government building in Belgrade to protest against the violence of the Kosovo Albanians against the Serbs and burning of more than 300 Serbian churches in Kosovo. During the protest, the mosque in Belgrade was set on fire.

Perceived by the nationalists as “Serbian mother”, Ceca was recently criticized because she staged the greatest concert in her career in Belgrade on June 28th; on the same day European Union Council signaled the “green light” fort the start of the accession negotiations with Serbia. The significant part of the Serbian public considers that the government went too far in concessions to Kosovo, which was the main precondition for “green light” to be signaled.

Ceca is close friend of Serbian prime minister Ivica Dačić, who used to be a nationalist until few years ago. Ceca was born in Žitorađa, village in the south of Serbia. Dačić was brought up in Žitorađa.