Serbia will not accept a “humiliating” solution, Vucic tells UK ambassador

Serbia will not accept a “humiliating” solution, Vucic tells UK ambassador

The bilateral relations between the United Kingdom and Serbia, the situation in the region and the results of the Western Balkans summit held in London last month were the topics discussed by Serbian president Aleksandar Vucic and British ambassador to the country, Denis Keefe.

In recent months, the relations of the two countries have been tense after Britain announced it would initiate the cancellation of the debates on Kosovo in the United Nations Security Council. Foreign minister Ivica Dacic protested over London’s announcement. In July, president Vucic said that Britain expects from Serbia to “recognise the independence of Kosovo in full capacity”.

Today, the president told ambassador Keefe that Serbia would not accept a “humiliating” solution in the Kosovo dispute, according to the Presidency’s press release.

The Serbian head stated that there is a need to reach a “durable and just solution for Kosovo and Metohija which would not contradict the state and national interests of Serbia”. “Serbia will never accept a solution that would be humiliating for our country and our people”, Vucic told Keefe.

Last month, the head of Serbia said that London wants Belgrade to recognise Kosovo’s independence. “This is the solution from the British point of view”, he claimed adding that London also believes that “Serbia should not get anything”. “That’s not a compromise solution for us”, he said. “Serbia wants a compromise”.

“What they want is for Serbia to recognise Kosovo in full capacity”, he said.

It is not known whether Keefe told Vucic anything about Kosovo today.

According to a press release, Keefe said that the London summit has shown that the United Kingdom wants to play “a positive role in the region with regard to its European future”. The summit has also demonstrated, Keefe said, that Britain shares the goal which is achieving “permanent stability in the Western Balkans”.

Vucic underlined that Serbia strives for enhancing the political dialogue with the United Kingdom, as well as for the improvement of the economic co-operation and the increase of British investment in Serbia…. /ΙΒΝΑ

Main Photo: The President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic (L) and UK Ambassador to Serbia, Denis Keefe