Serbia: Vučić met Ambassador of Germany

Serbia: Vučić met Ambassador of Germany

President of the Republic of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić met yesterday with the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany, Thomas Schieb, to discuss the most important current topics, with particular emphasis on bilateral relations, as well as current and future projects in the field of economic cooperation.

President Vučić and Ambassador Schieb stated that Serbia and Germany’s relations are at an exceptional level, which represents a sound and solid basis for further improvement of the overall relations between the two countries and even stronger development and improvement of economic cooperation.

President Vučić expressed his gratitude to German investors for employing more than 67,000 people in Serbia and added that he hoped that number would increase with the further improvement of our business environment.

“In addition to providing jobs, German companies have an exceptional influence on the entrepreneurial spirit and work habits, as well as on the development of dual education in our country,” said President Vučić, emphasising that Serbia will pay special attention to this type of education in the coming period, as well as to the green agenda and environmental protection.

At the meeting, special attention was paid to particular new investments, the implementation of which is expected in the coming period. Ambassador Schieb said that the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany firmly and actively supports the existing trend of increasing investments.

On this occasion, Ambassador Schieb introduced to the President the new director of GIZ in Serbia, Daniela Funke, and the new head of the KfW office, Rüdiger Hartmann.

“The German government, with its institutions KfW and GIZ, has implemented projects worth 2 billion euros in Serbia during the last 20 years,” said Ambassador Schieb, adding that Germany’s focus in Serbia will continue to be on projects in the field of a sustainable economy, dual education, renewable energy and environmental protection, as well as the rule of law. Germany currently supports Serbia in these areas with 240 million euros.

In that context, President Vučić particularly pointed out that he expects even greater participation of companies from the European Union in infrastructure projects since Serbia is seriously approaching the country’s general development with full commitment to development cooperation.

In that sense, Ambassador Schieb emphasised that “Serbia is not only a strong economic partner for Germany”, but that our country is Germany’s “most important partner in the region in the field of development cooperation”./ibna