Serbia: Vučić Awarded Gold Medals for the Fight Against Covid

Serbia: Vučić Awarded Gold Medals for the Fight Against Covid

Today, President Aleksandar Vučić awarded Gold Medals to health workers for their outstanding worth and contribution to the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. The ceremony took place at the Serbian Presidency, in accordance with the coronavirus protocol.

The Gold Medal of Value was awarded to the specialist in lung physiology of Cacak General Hospital, Dr. Marina Levajac, as well as the married couple, the nurse of the Nis Clinical Center Marija Zekic and the physiotherapist of the Health Center of Marko Zekic.

The President also awarded a medal to Marko Nikolić, MD, who specializes in anesthesiology at the Niška Banja Institute for Therapy and Rehabilitation.

Particularly touching was the awarding of medals to health workers who lost their lives in the line of duty.

Thus, after the death, a Gold Medal of Value was awarded to the neuropsychiatrist of the General Hospital of Sremska, Mitrovica, Andjelko Bacvanin. The medal was received by his wife, Dr. Ljiljana Stancetic Bacvanin.

Also, after his death, the gold medal was awarded to the general surgery specialist of the Negotin Slavisa Nestorovic Health Center, on whose behalf it was received by Dr. Sasa Nestorovic, as well as OB surgeon Cacak Miodrag Jorovic. The medal was received by his niece Mariana Jorovic.

Svetlana Vukčević, a specialist in internal medicine specializing in gastroenterology and hepatology at the OB Ćuprija, was posthumously awarded the Gold Medal of Value, with her husband Miodrag Vukčević receiving the medal.

“Thank you very much for everything you have done for our country, which is always worth more and got it from you. We will try to return at least some of what was given to the country, and these medals are a small debt and a sign that the state recognizes what you have done and that we must not forget it”, said Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić.

He thanked the doctors who received the honors for what they did and are doing every day, stating that no matter how many times one says thank you and whatever is said, it will never be enough.

“Do not bother that for the Serbs, but also for the others, nothing lasts less than gratitude, but our job is to ensure that the honor you received will remain an eternal gratitude for what you did in difficult times”, said the President of Serbia.

Vučić pointed out that the deceased doctors, who were honored after death, gave what is most important in the defence of the country, doing their job in the most wonderful and honest way.

“They are the pride of our country”, Vučić said, adding that their family members who received their discrimination today should be proud of it, because their loved ones deserved it.

“Not only did they deserve it, but they showed that nothing was more valuable to them than their country, the people they lived with, the people they tried to help and helped every day, and that in the end they could not help themselves”, Vučić pointed out.

He stated that all those who received the distinctions were not honored by chance and everyone, as well as the families of the posthumously honored, have an obligation that is neither simple nor small, to be an example and a role model for everyone.

“As of today, each of you is special and different, the bearer of Serbian values. You no longer have the right to relax, neither in a cafe, nor in a restaurant, nor in any other place, because you are the bearers of the highest honors in the Republic of Serbia. You have to be an example for everyone, and everyone should look up to you”, Vučić said./ibna