Serbia: Vučič and Merkel speak over the phone

Serbia: Vučič and Merkel speak over the phone

In a telephone conversation with Serbian President Aleksandar Vučič today, German Chancellor Angela Merkel hailed Serbia’s progress in the economy, as well as its efforts with regard to its European course, stressing that talks with Pristina and the rule of law were crucial.

Commenting on the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina, Merkel and Vučič agreed that dialogue is necessary, and that maintaining peace is vital for both sides, according to the Serbian Presidency Co-operation Office.

President Vučić stated that he would take all necessary steps to successfully continue this communication, in order to achieve a constructive and open atmosphere for negotiations.

The Chancellor welcomed Serbia’s readiness for further work to maintain stability in the region and reiterated that Germany would remain a credible partner for Serbia on the path to reform and European integration.

In their telephone conversation, Serbian President Aleksandar Vučič and German Chancellor Angela Merkel also expressed satisfaction with the continued progress of political dialogue and economic co-operation between Serbia and Germany.

“The economy is a strong link between our two countries,” said the German Chancellor.

President Vučić reiterated that German companies operating in Serbia employ more than 67,000 people and that they make a significant contribution to Serbia’s economic development, as well as to the country’s reputation as a good investment destination.

“We are grateful for Germany’s support for the Serbian economy. Germany is our largest trading partner even during the global crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic. There is a growing interest by German companies to invest in our country and I am proud to point out that Serbia will have the highest growth in Europe this year, despite all current challenges,” said President Vučić.

The President also thanked Chancellor Merkel for Germany’s continued support toward Serbia’s European integration, in the context of the German EU Presidency.

He stressed that reforms on the rule of law are essential for Serbia’s European progress, and underlined that co-operation with Germany and the EU institutions represents a good way to continue to improve the sector.

The Serbian President also stressed the need for a clear plan for EU enlargement and a timeframe for accession, as the process of European integration in the Western Balkans is pivotal for peace and stability in the region.

Vučić and Merkel also discussed the challenges deriving from the health crisis and the stratagem to combat COVID-19, with particular emphasis on measures to mitigate the economic consequences of the pandemic.

President Vučić briefed Chancellor Merkel on the bundle of measures adopted by Serbia to contain the economic consequences, but also to protect public health, as well as on epidemiological and other efforts made by the Serbian state to combat the disease and the restoration of public health.

The interlocutors exchanged views and ideas on vaccines, as well as on additional measures and further plans for the preservation of human health, but also for the economy.

The two politicians, furthermore, discussed the situation in the region, according to the Presidency Media Cooperation Office. /ibna