Serbia: Vučić and Dacić continue co-operation with SNS and SPS

Serbia: Vučić and Dacić continue co-operation with SNS and SPS

There is full mutual trust and understanding that we want to continue the cooperation and my opinion is that the common candidate in the presidential election should be the president of the SNS, said today the head of the SPS Ivica Dacic, after a meeting with the SNS delegation.

He told reporters that the leader of the SNS, the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, left it to the SPS to decide for itself whether to run in the parliamentary elections together with the SNS, to have a list or separate lists.

The meeting of the leaderships of the SNS and the SPS was dedicated to the continuation of the cooperation between the two parties in the realization of the goals of the state and national policy, as well as in the preparations for the forthcoming elections, concluded at the headquarters of the Socialist Party of Serbia.

The delegations of the two parties were headed by the President of Serbia and the SNS, Aleksandar Vučić, and the leader of the Socialists, Ivica Dacić.

In the press conference, Dacić said that the meeting was constructive.

“Of course, we initially talked about policies, goals and plans with mutual satisfaction due to the results achieved from 2012 until today. And when it comes to fiscal policy, the struggle for the preservation of Kosovo and Metohija and everything we have done in other areas. “The common assessment of today’s meeting is what Vučić said, and that is that he is ready to continue working with the SPS in the period after the next elections, but also for a longer period of time,” Dacić said, adding that the key issue was the interests of Serbia.

Regarding the elections, he said that it is no secret that they will be held on April 3 and added that there were two other dates that were canceled, and these are April 10 and 17.

“In anticipation of those who announced that a joint attack of the opposition will be prepared inside and outside, it is clear that there is full trust and understanding between the two parties, that is, that we want to continue cooperation after the elections. When we talk about a presidential candidate, my opinion has always been that there should be a common candidate. When I say one, I certainly do not mean assistant, vice president, deputy and the like. “This candidate must definitely be the president of the SNS, bearing in mind that he was also our common candidate the previous time as well,” he underlined.

He pointed out, however, that who would be the candidate in the elections was not an issue at the joint meeting of the SNS and the SPS.

Vučić said that it was important for the two parties to further develop mutual trust and work, and that such a relationship would surely continue after the next elections, and that when it was time for such decisions to be taken, it was up to the SPS to take the best possible decision and what form the common approach and performance will take.

He added that the SPS would continue its co-operation with coalition partner United Serbia. He also stated that the cross-party dialogue with the parties will continue on September 10 and 11 without the mediation of foreigners and that it will continue on September 17 and 18 with the participation of MEPs./ibna