Serbia, Slovenia and Turkey to the quarterfinals of the World Basketball Cup

Serbia, Slovenia and Turkey to the quarterfinals of the World Basketball Cup


Review Hari Stefanatos

The Balkan civil war ended with an easy victory of Serbia against Greece with 90-72, while Slovenia and Turkey follow Serbia in the quarterfinals.

Slovenia – Dominican Republic 71-61

Slovenia qualified to the quarterfinals of the World Basketball Cup in Spain after beating the Dominican Republic with 71-61.

The big favorite for the final, the USA will now face Jure Zdovc’s players. Top scorer for the Slovenes was Zoran Dragic with 18 points, while his brother Goran added 12 points, plus six assists. The team of Orlando Antigua, fought as best they could, but it was obvious they could not do turn things around.

Periods: 15-15, 28-38, 48-54, 61-71.

Slovenia (Jure Zdovc): Balazic 7 (1), Slokar 9 (1), Prepelics 5 (1), Muric, Blazic 2, Zupan 3 (1), G. Dragic 12, Z. Dragic 18 (2), D. Lorbek 8, Klobucar 5, Omic 2.

Serbia – Greece 90-72

In their worst performance in the competition, Greece lost from a very good Serbian team, which on the other hand gave their best performance.  Serbia will now prepare for the battle to reach the semifinals and repeat their achievement in the last World Cup in Turkey.

For Greece, which had their worst defensive game, Calathes stood out offensively with 14 points, while Printezis and Zisis contributed another 11.

For the Serbs, who will face the winner of the Brazil-Argentina in the quarterfinals, Boyan Bogdanovic led the attack with 21 points, while Radulica stopped at 16.

Periods: 20-23, 42-46, 55-64, 72-90.

Serbia (Sasha Djordjevic): Teodosic 13 (2), Simonovic 5 (1), Bogdanovic 21 (4), Bjelica 8, Markovic 3 (1), Kalinic 12 (1), Bircevic, Krstic 10, Raduljica 16, Stimac.

Greece (Katsikaris): Mantziaris 5 (1), Bourousis 9 (1), Zisis 12 (3), Vasileiadis 6 (1), Calathes 14 (2), Glyniadakis, Papanikolaou 1, Sloukas, Kaimakoglou 6, Antetokounmpo 7 (1) , Vougioukas, Printezis 12.

Turkey – Australia 65-64

With a three pointer by Preldizc to 5 seconds before the end, Turkey won 65-64 and “stole” the qualification from Australia who performed “seppuku”.

The guard of Fenerbache scored 11 points in the final period and with the three-pointer he achieved 5 seconds befpre the end gave lead to Ataman’s team with 65-64. The “Kangaroo”, who previously wasted quite a few opportunities to seal the win, had one last chance, but failed to make a proper attack.

Periods: 15-18, 34-35, 46-50, 65-64

Turkey (Ergin Ataman): Osman, Güler 8, Akyol 7 (1), Hersek 11 (3), Preldizc14 (2), Tunceri 6, Savas 16, Gönlüm, Arslan 7 (1), Asik 1, Aldemir 6.