Serbia respects Montenegro’s decision on NATO

Serbia respects Montenegro’s decision on NATO

Unlike Serbia, Montenegro is on the path towards NATO membership, but Belgrade will respect the decision of its neighbor country, prime minister Alekasandar Vucic said after meeting his Montenegrin homologue Dusko Markovic in Belgrade today.

“We do respect the sovereign decisions of Montenegro, just like Montenegro respects Serbia’s decision to be military neutral. This is our mutual respect and correct relations. Everybody has a right to make decisions, and we do not perceive their decision as a threat”, Vucic underlined.

The Serbian premier also said that the bilateral cooperation considering European integration is “extraordinary good”. Vucic especially highlighted the importance of joint efforts in “approaching” to European values. He recalled to Western Balkans countries cooperation under the auspices of the so called Berlin process and announced the incoming meetings in Sarajevo and Trieste in July.

Serbia and Montenegro will also develop their collaboration within 16+1 group with China, in the interests of the both countries and whole region, “to show that there are not only problems but also concrete and good cooperation”.

Montenegrin premier Dusko Markovic stressed the fact that this is his first official visit to a foreign country since he has been appointed to the current position. In his words, it would be “unnatural” if some other destination has been chosen.

According to Markovic, his talks with Vucic have been comprehensive, open and useful for both countries. “It’s about unprecedented opportunities for the economies of both countries as well as for the quality of life of our citizens”. He probably alluded on the Belgrade-Bar highway which is under construction.

Markovic also said that “intermediaries” are not needed in resolving “problems with Serb community in Montenegro”. “We want to discuss this issues with you, we don’t need intermediaries nor political platforms”, he concluded./ΙΒΝΑ