Serbia reacts against the US ambassador regarding the issue of Kosovo

Serbia reacts against the US ambassador regarding the issue of Kosovo

Serbia’s Defence minister, Aleksandar Vulin, who is known for his pro Russian stance, has reacted against the US ambassador to Belgrade, Kyle Scott, who declared that Kosovo is an independent and sovereign state.

Answering the question of a Serb journalist who referred to the government of Kosovo as the “so called government”, ambassador Scott said that “this is not a so called government, but it’s the government of Kosovo”.

“We recognize Kosovo as a sovereign and independent country and those are the elected representatives of Kosovo. We’re in contact with them and with every elected representative of other countries of the region”, he said.

Following this declaration, the Serb minister said that “the US ambassador, Kyle Scott has forgotten that Serbia is not a colony and that he cannot insult its dignity”. According to him, if ambassador Scott would make such statement in front of the Serb president, Aleksandar Vucic, “he would immediately leave the government’s building in Belgrade”.

Kosovo declared its independence in February 2008 with the support of the US and the main EU member countries.

Serbia continues to contest its statehood with Russia’s support, but it has also been involved in a process of talks for the normalization of relations with Kosovo. However, the people who are involved in these talks say that the sides are still far from an agreement. /ibna/