Serbia: Rapid weather change forecast for Tuesday

Serbia: Rapid weather change forecast for Tuesday

After an extremely hot weekend for this time of the year which even broke a couple of historic records, tomorrow’s forecast includes bitter cold and temperatures taking a dive of more than 15 degrees within just 24 hours, while snow is expected to fall in many parts of Serbia!

The Republic Hydrometeorological Institute of Serbia issued a forecast for Tuesday and Wednesday in the southern and southeastern parts of Serbia, where there will be severe temperature plummeting and heavy snowfall.

“On Tuesday, sudden change in weather is to be expected, alongside heavy cold followed by northwest cold air masses from the north; from noon until the afternoon the bad weather will spread to the rest of the country”, the statement notes.

“At night between Wednesday 4 and Wednesday 5 February, it will be colder and drier in the central and southern parts of Serbia, with 5 to 20 cm of snowfall in some areas is forceast, while snowfall in the mountains will be more intense. In the north the northwest winds will calm down on Thursday ”, the Hydrometeorological Institute underlines in its statement.

This dramatic change in the weather will reduce the maximum temperature set for tomorrow in the Serbian capital, Belgrade from 17 degrees to 4 degrees, as will be the case for Zlabitor, where the temperature will drop below zero from today’s 13 degrees, while snow might also fall. /ibna