Serbia to offer facilities for businesses from Serbia

Serbia to offer facilities for businesses from Serbia

Pristina, 8 June 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Serbs of Kosovo warn facilities for investors from Serbia, who would invest their capital only in Serb majority communes.

These warnings come from the Kosovo minister of Administration and Local Government, Lubomir Maric.

Maric said that Serbs of Kosovo are preparing a special strategy for investments in the areas where they live.

“Once this strategy is approved, it will be used by all Serb business people and potential investors. So, first of all for our business people, but there will also be opportunities for joint investments”, Maric declared.

According to him, investors from Serbia will soon be presented this platform in order to secure sustainable development in the 10 communes inhabited by a Serb majority in Kosovo.

This document is expected to be ready at the end of June, but even without this strategy, Serb products continue to dominate the market of Kosovo.

According to Kosovo Agency of Statistics Serbia occupies 13.8% of imports, Germany 12.1, Turkey 9.3, Italy 9.1, China 8.2, Albania 6.6, FYROM 5.4, etc. /ibna/