Serbia: New Brnabic Government sworn in

Serbia: New Brnabic Government sworn in

On Wednesday night, Serbia’s new government led by Ana Brnabić for a second term was voted in by 227 lawmakers, with five voting against and with no abstentions.

The new Serbian government has 21 ministries and two without portfolios, while more than 50 per cent of the new cabinet members are women.

Prime Minister Ana Brnabić and her ministers were sworn in before the National Assembly of Serbia and Parliament Speaker Ivica Dačić.

The ceremony signaled the official commencement of the Serbian government’s term.

Presenting the program positions during the Meeting, Brnabić stressed that the new government would constitute an administration of political and economic continuity, stressing that it will serve six objectives on which it will pay special attention.

“This government will have six goals on which it will pay special attention; The fight against the coronavirus; the Kosovo and Metohija issue; the fight against organized crime and the war against the mafia; the independent decision-making of Serbia; the rule of law and the acceleration of reforms, a well as additional financial support to Serbia”.

Parliament Speaker Ivica Dačić welcomed the fact that he was a member of the government led by Ana Brnabić, stressing that he was proud of what the ruling coalition had achieved over the past eight years.

Dačić noted that the SNS and SPS-JS coalition had done great things to protect national and state interests, had strengthened Serbia’s foreign policy position and had helped stabilize economic and political conditions.

He wished the new cabinet great success, underlining that Serbia could be strong only in unity and stability.

Dačić added that the Assembly, together with the Prime Minister, the Government and the President of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić, would make a decisive contribution to achieving political unity and stability.

“We are ready for strong interaction and cooperation with the government”, Dačić said.

Brnabić said she expects to get many more ideas from this convening of parliament, as well as to hear what is “oppressing” the citizens of the region.

“I promise that you will always have someone in government who will listen to you, answer your questions and report on these individual initiatives. Thank you, and I am happy to be working with you over the next term”, Brnabić stated.

EU Enlargement Commissioner Oliver Varhelyi posted a congratulatory tweet on the formation of the new government in Serbia, hailing the Serbian government’s strong commitment to speeding up and implementing reforms in the country.

“Congratulations! I look forward to working with the Serbian Prime Minister, Government and Parliament on EU-related reforms and the implementation of the Economic Investment Plan for the Western Balkans to the benefit of all. I welcome the strong commitment from the government to speed up reforms and their delivery”, Varhelyi posted on Twitter.

The European Parliament’s rapporteur for Serbia Vladimir Bilčik congratulated Prime Minister Ana Brnabić on the establishment of the new Council of Ministers.

“Pleased to hear that Serbia remains strongly committed to its pro-European path. I look forward to working together with our Serbian partners on steps that can bring new dynamic to the accession process”, Bilčik posted on his Twitter account.

Moreover, the member of the Serbian Presidency of BiH Milorad Dodik congratulated Ana Brnabić on her re-election as Prime Minister of Serbia, stressing that a strong and economically stable Serbian nation was of particular importance not only for Republika Srpska, but for the entire region.

Dodik expressed confidence that Brnabić, with her dedicated work and commitment to the strong development of the country, will contribute to the further reaffirmation of Serbia domestically and internationally.

“Serbia has inevitably become a political player in the region, Europe and the world, which is of great importance to us in Republika Srpska and in BiH. I am convinced that we will preserve the successful cooperation and develop even better mutual relations for the benefit of our people”, Dodik said.

He stressed that he supports the successful cooperation with Serbia, as well as the continuation of the work for the implementation of joint projects that have kicked off, but also the launch of new projects for the benefit and well-being of the people of Republika Srpska, Serbia and BiH, as announced by the cabinet of the Serbian member of the BiH presidency.

Prime Minister-designate for the new Montenegrin government Zdravko Krivokapić also congratulated Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabić on her re-election and the election of Serbia’s new government, noting that he was looking forward for intensive co-operation between the two countries.

“Congratulations to the Prime Minister of Serbia Ana Brnabić on her re-election and the election of the new government. I believe that the team of Prime Minister Brnabić will be able to meet all the challenges facing Serbia. I also hope for more intensive co-operation between Serbia and Montenegro”. Krivokapić posted on Twitter. /ibna