Serbia may legalize medical cannabis in 2015

Serbia may legalize medical cannabis in 2015


By Milos Mitrovic – Belgrade

Serbian government is to start the process of changing the law on cannabis use in medicine and industry in November, head of NGO “Lekalizacija” Vladan Golubovic said today.

“According to our plan, the process of changing the law should start in November and free selling of it (medical marijuana) should be introduced next summer”, Golubovic told journalists at the panel on legalization in Belgrade.

Golubovic underlined that the trade of the drug should be under tough government control.

He said that the initiative has been launched in order to raise the awareness on using cannabis for medical purpose adding that “the support of health minister Zlatibor Loncar means a lot”. Earlier this month Loncar has announced that medical marijuana may be legalized.

Ferenc Vicko, state secretary in the Ministry of Health, stressed that it has been proved that cannabis may be helpful in treating the pain and reduce nausea and vomiting.

„What all of us should do is to use all the good features of cannabis for the medical purposes. It should get the drug status, than it may be introduced with instructions on the dosages and the methods of using”, Vicko explained at the panel.

Milan Savic, head of „Saint Sava“ clinic for cerebrovascular diseases recalled that cannabis is used around the world in treating persons with cancer, including nausea which can be caused by the chemotherapy.

„We should be aware that it (cannabis) is always registered in the form of pills”, Savic said. He was rather skeptical considering the positive effects of marijuana.“It’s not significant. It may be legalized soon but we – as the professionals – will not declare our consent or opposing”.

Irina Markovic, a novelist, said that cannabis alongside with diet had helped her in treating multiple sclerosis. “I can’t be sure it may be helpful to everybody, but it really helped me”.