Serbia: Lead candidates for the Prime Minister’s Office

Serbia: Lead candidates for the Prime Minister’s Office

As time passes for the formation of the new government in Serbia, discussions continue as to who will become the new Prime Minister and the executives who will form the new Cabinet.

With Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić keeping his cards closed, following the landslide victory in the June 21 general election of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) of which he leads, scenarios are raging both for the Prime Minister’s Office and the composition of the Cabinet, but also the collaboration with the Socialist Party of Ivica Dacic.

According to the Blic newspaper, there are four names who are the most prevalent for the post of Prime Minister, with current Prime Minister Ana Brnabić seemingly in the lead. In addition to Brnabić, the names involved in the discussion are the Mayor of Novi Sad Miloš Vušević, the Minister of Finance Siniša Mali and the Minister of Agriculture Branislav Nedimović.

Although Vučić has not made his thoughts known, the candidates are more or less evident.

According to Blic, Ana Brnabić, after the initial confusion and the small mistakes and failures she had at the beginning of her term as Prime Minister, found her rhythm and proved to be very active in her work and in her election campaign, something that does not go unnoticed, both in SNS and its leader and President Aleksandar Vučić.

The second, according to Blic, with several chances for the post of Prime Minister is the vice president of SNS and Mayor of Novi Sad Miloš Vušević.

Having had a successful term in the City Hall but also in dealing with the crisis of coronavirus, a political upgrade, even as high as the Prime Minister’s Office, is not impossible. Although he avoids talking about it, he does not hide that his move from Novi Sad to the main political scene would be welcome.

The positive results in the Serbian economy, something that President Aleksandar Vučić often mentioned during the pre-election period, can be largely attributed to Siniša Mali.

The finance minister enjoys the confidence of both the president and the party, which makes him one of the candidates for the presidency, although he is not particularly interested in it.

Finally, the name of the Minister of Agriculture Branislav Nedimović is playing a strong role for the leadership of the Government, as he led the electoral list in the recent parliamentary election, something that surprised even the SNS executives, according to Blic.

In addition to SNS President trusting him to lead the party’s ballot, Vučić also entrusted Nedimović with the leadership of the Crisis Committee for Nisava and Toplica, although he lives and works on the other side of the country. According to Vučić, Nedimović responded to this work in the best possible way./ibna