Serbia to improve laws against family violence

Serbia to improve laws against family violence

Belgrade, January 6, 2016/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Milos Mitrovic

Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic said today that he feel s contempt for the persons which commit family violence and underlined that “nobody is stronger than the state”.

Justice Minister Nikola Selakovic announced amending the Criminal Code in order the position of family violence victims to be improved.

“The state will be able to give a lesson to bullies. And those who think that they are very strong because they beat women and children we will assure that they are very weak in front of the state and law”, Vucic said while talking to ward of a safe house in Belgrade.

Premier said that he cannot look at the images of the consequences of family violence because he feels ashamed, defeated and miserable.

“You can never find appropriate words to express the contempt for such persons”, Vucic said. “Nobody is stronger than the state including any bully and raff”, he went on.

Institutions could be slow and inefficient, but things get resolved in the end, PM admitted.

Vucic asked safe house ward if government and he as its president could do anything else in order their position to be improved – and got almost unanimous answer – women need employment.

Vesna Stanojevic, coordinator of the Clinic against Family Violence, also said that, according to her own experience, the employing of the ward is the most important for their protection.

One of the most frequent questions, in her words, is why the perpetrators are free, in apartments and houses, while the victims of the violence are in the collective accommodation.

Stanojevic stressed that courts are slow and processes last for months.

“Women can spend months with us, but they should get a job in the end. This is only temporary solution. It’s essential for women to be employed, to be economically independent”, she underlined.

The Criminal Code would be amended in order to enable the eviction of the family violence perpetrator from the house or apartment within 24 hours regardless whether he or she owns the respective realty, Justice Minister Nikola Selakovic announced.

Verbal and psychological abuse would be proclaimed as criminal offense, he revealed. Selakovic admitted that this sort of offense would be difficult to prove.

The government would help safe house to get more premises in Belgrade, Vucic promised.


Photo: Aleksandar Vucic, Vesna Stanojevic and Nikola Selakovic