Serbia has nothing to do with the terror attack in New Zealand

Serbia has nothing to do with the terror attack in New Zealand

Serbia condemns in the most categorical manner the terror attack against Muslims in New Zealand – said foreign minister Ivica Dacic adding, with reference to media accounts, that Serbia has nothing to do with the crime committed in Christchurch.

When asked to comment the accounts according to which the perpetrator has been inspired by some persons from Serbian history as well as by the Yugoslav wars, Dacic said that he (perpetrator) does not have any links with Serbia.

Speaking at the press conference with the foreign minister of Grenada, Dacic said that he does not know who could be the inspiration for the attacker.

Serbia condemns every sort of misuse with regards to media reports, he went on explaining that such accounts harm Serbian national interests.

The attacker, identified as Australian national Brenton Tarrant, has written on his weapons some names from Serbian history, including Milos Obilic, who fought against the Ottoman Empire in the 1389 Kosovo battle. According to accounts, he listened to Serbian songs in his car before the attack. Radovan Karadzic, former Bosnian Serbs leader and convicted war criminal was allegedly mentioned in the verses.

Dacic underlined that terrorism represents “a global evil against which mutual combat is needed”. He added that “many countries have been tolerating terror groups, calling them liberating movements and helping their development”.

With reference to the statements of Kosovo officials with regard to New Zealand terror attack, Dacic said that “terrorists cannot support the fight against terrorism”.

He suggested that Hasim Taci and Ramus Haradinaj, president and premier of Kosovo, have made statements over the attack in order to “harm Serbian interests because somebody connects this (attacks) with Serbia”. “Terrorists cannot support the fight against terrorism. I guess this is clear to everyone”, he concluded./ibna