Serbia is not “factor” in the world, PM says

Serbia is not “factor” in the world, PM says


By Milos Mitrovic – Belgrade

Members of Serbian diaspora can fight for Serbian national interests only through the political representation in the governments of the countries they live in, Prime Minister Ivica Dacic said on Monday. Dacic opened “Serbia and Diaspora” business conference in Belgrade. He expressed his reservations with regard to “Serbian uniqueness in the world” and emphasized that “Serbs should be realistic and self-conscious in order to “redress the mistakes” (from the past).

“Today in the world Serbs do not represent any factor, neither Serbia as a country or diaspora does; I say this because I did not met a single Serb in the political structures I have visited by now; on the other hand, I have met many Bosniaks, Albanians and Turkeys”, Dacic explained adding that “we are more numerous”.

Serbian PM pointed that “the essence is in the organization” rather than “in talking, kissing, hugging, toasting and swearing to love and loyalty which is baseless”.

Dacic stressed that “governments in the region cannot be formed” without Serb representatives as it was the case in Croatia and Kosovo. According to Dacic, Prime minister of Kosovo Hashim Thachi “is ruling owing to Serbs in Pristina”.

“In Montenegro, Serbs are equated with opposition. We have to fight for our national interest in Montenegro by wining (the elections) and participating in the government”, Dacic said. He concluded that Serbian diaspora is both among the most generous in the world and top with regard to remittances; nevertheless, it is “at the bottom” in investments, therefore “country should improve conditions for it”.