Serbia: Brnabić to announce the new government composition tomorrow

Serbia: Brnabić to announce the new government composition tomorrow

Serbia is likely to have a new government tomorrow, as an SNS presidency meeting is scheduled, after which the composition of the next executive branch, headed by Ana Brnabić, will be announced.

Thus, despite the announcements that the new, old, Prime Minister Ana Brnabić will present her future cabinet, there is a good chance that the new ministers will be appointed a day later. The new government could go down in history because, as President Aleksandar Vučić suggested, there should be up to 50% women among the members. One thing is for sure, the Prime Minister will remain the same.

“I must emphasize that we had several candidates for prime minister. I thanked some candidates who were extremely hardworking and loyal to the policy we support. A few minutes ago, I signed the decision and nominated Ana Brnabić as Prime Minister-designate. She led a disciplined and responsible policy, she did not flatter foreign centers of power or anyone in the country”, Vučić said, adding that “nothing big could offend her”.

Interestingly enough, it is not yet known who the SNS coalition partners will be in this government. The head of state has previously announced various options, such as an SNS government with minority parties, a coalition with the SPS, a coalition with the SPAS, and a broad-based government, but in the meantime, the former seems the least likely and the latter the least skeptical.

Prime Minister Ana Brnabić said it was up to the Serbian Progressive Party to decide on the composition of Serbia’s next government, but that Serbian President and SNS Aleksandar Vučić had no problem offering more to whoever won the election; a hint to the smaller parties that gained representation in parliament.

“The idea is to have the widest possible social consensus on difficult issues”, Brnabić said.

By the way, there was a lot of competition for each ministry, so at least four candidates applied for each ministry. Some of the candidates deservedly await the appointment, while others are expected to take the position, thanks to the pressure.

So far, the media has “formed” several governments, with some of the current ministers in the middle of these puzzles, including Sinisa Mali, Zoran Mihajlovic, Branislav Nedimovic, but also Maja Gojkovic, Goran Vesic, Marko Cadez.

The Minister for European Integration, Jadranka Joksimović, is considered a favorite for a change because she had no special results and could possibly be replaced by Suzana Grubjesic, former Deputy Prime Minister for European Integration.

As for the Ministry of Culture, it is certain that Vladan Vukosavljević will not remain a minister. Former Serbian Assembly President Maja Gojković has been named as the most likely candidate for the post in recent weeks.

Aleksandar Vulin recently stated that, as far as he is concerned, he no longer needs to be a minister and that, in case of resignation, he will dabble with journalism. Marija Obradović from the SNS is mentioned as a possible replacement, as well as the current Minister of Interior, Nebojsa Stefanović, as it was rumored that she will not remain in the MUP.

Until recently, Zorana Mihajlović was considered someone who would remain in the government 100% as head of the same department, but as it seems, this is no longer certain.

Belgrade’s Savski Venac Mayor Irena Vujović has asked for the Ministry of Energy, which is now headed by socialist Aleksandar Antić, believing she can contribute to this ministry. However, in all likelihood her wish will not be fulfilled, but she could get another ministry.

The Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications will no longer be headed by Rasim Ljajić, but it is possible that someone from his party will take over the ministry. At the moment, according to information, there are three candidates. It is also unknown what will happen to the current Minister of Health, Zlatibor Loncar. At the end of the first wave of coronavirus, information appeared to the public that the deputy director of “Batuta”, Darija Kisić Tepavčević, could take over health care. Whether Ivica Dacic will continue as head of diplomacy depends, first of all, on whether the SPS will remain in government./ibna