Serbia: Brnabić meets with outgoing Turkish Ambassador to Belgrade Bilgic

Serbia: Brnabić meets with outgoing Turkish Ambassador to Belgrade Bilgic

Prime Minister Ana Brnabić met and discussed with outgoing Turkish Ambassador to Serbia Tanju Bilgic about the results achieved in cooperation and the bilateral relations between the two countries, as well as future projects and plans.

According to IBNA reports, after leaving the Turkish Embassy in Serbia, Tanju Bilgic will be taking over the post of Foreign Ministry Spokesman, while his current representative in Belgrade is Hami Aksoy.

Ambassador Bilgic noted that Turkey considers Serbia to be a great friend and the most important country in the region, which contributes significantly to stability and co-operation.

Brnabić assessed that relations and cooperation between Serbia and Turkey are currently at the highest level and contribute significantly not only to bilateral relations and the development of the economy, but also to the stability of the region.

“Summarizing the joint projects, Brnabić pointed out that those in the field of infrastructure are particularly important and singled out the work of regional friendship and prosperity, the Belgrade-Sarajevo highway,” the Serbian government announced in a statement.

Bilgic, for his part, said that about 1,000 Turkish companies are currently operating in Serbia, and the number is expected to increase given the good market conditions and financial stability that Serbia has achieved.

In addition to road infrastructure projects, Bilgic stressed the importance of rebuilding cultural and historical monuments in Serbia, such as the planned reconstruction of the Golubac Fortress, as well as the reconstruction of the Kasapcic Bridge in Uzice, a symbol of Serbo-Turkish friendship.

Speaking about the current epidemiological situation, the ambassador seized the opportunity to congratulate the successful vaccination process in Serbia.

He congratulated Prime Minister Brnabić on all that has been achieved in recent years and on the excellent cooperation he had with the Serbian government during his tenure.

Brnabić wished good luck to Ambassador Bligic in his future professional commitment and personal success. /ibna