Serbia-BiH joint project on flood defence

Serbia-BiH joint project on flood defence

To improve the system of flood prevention on the torrential watercourses of the rivers Rzav, Kamešina and Rača, Municipality of Višegrad (BiH), City of Užice (Serbia) and Municipality of Bajina Bašta (Serbia) jointly implemented a two-year project “Flood Defence System in Cross Border Area Serbia-BiH” and results of it have been presented in Višegrad.

The project enabled improvement of the infrastructure but also raised the awareness of citizens on how to respond to floods and other emergencies. It was funded by the European Union in the total value of 962,000 EUR in the territory of both countries.

“Considering that floods have been identified as one of the biggest disaster risks for citizens in Bosnia and Herzegovina, I am particularly pleased to be here today and have the opportunity to see results of EU assistance to Bosnia and Herzegovina for floods recovery and floods management”, said Head of Cooperation of the European Union  Delegation to BiH, Richard Màša.

Mayor of Višegrad Municipality Mladen Đurević emphasized the importance of this project for the entire local community and expressed his satisfaction with the successful and good cooperation during the project implementation.

“Višegrad has improved the flood defence system by constructing a bank revetment on the river Rzav, as well as through trainings of the Civil Protection members who are qualified to act as professionals in case of floods”, Đurević said.

The project coordinator from the Municipality of Višegrad, Radmilo Mihajlović, explained that the flood defence infrastructure was renewed through the project.

“680 meters of wicker fence was built in the river bed of the river Kamešina in Mokra Gora to prevent the river bed from landslide, the consolidation barriers on the two-kilometre stretch of the Jatarica site were reconstructed, bank revetment was constructed and riverbed of the river Rača was regulated at the location of the confluence of the rivers Rača and Drina and the river Rzav is regulated in the sports hall zone by constructing a bank revetment and accompanying adjustments in the length of 348 meters”, Mihajlović added.

EU Delegation to BiH emphasized in a press release that it is particularly important for all three municipalities that a system for early announcement of the flood waves in the rivers Rzav and Rača have been established. Also, two rain gauge stations for the early announcement of the flood wave were purchased and installed at locations in Mokra Gora and Tara Mountain. Civil protection units with 11 members in each of the three local self-government units were formed, trained and equipped, and protective and emergency response equipment was purchased./ibna